Monday, April 16, 2012

Walmart and Ghost Towns........

Walmart and Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns

A major issue the company, Walmart, causes, is the creation of ghost towns. What Walmart will do, is spread their business to a small town where there are only small businesses run by the people who live there. They will lower their prices, extremely low, to the point of where the small businesses ran there can't compete! As we know, Walmart is a super-store that includes, fast food, gas stations, groceries, electronics, knick-knacks, office supplies, gardening supplies, plants, building supplies, sports supplies, and much more. Walmart basically puts all needs into one store, with cheap prices. This may be good, but because of their low prices, these small businesses go out of business. A good sum of the civilians that live their, own the businesses that are ran out by Walmart, and move to another small or large town, in search of a new place to put their business or just find a job. Another good sum of the residents are family, and when a part of the family moves, so does the entire family. Now, potentially, about one third of the past population will still be residing their. Then, their aren't enough people to keep Walmart in business in the small town, so Walmart moves. The people left their, will abandon their homes like the rest and go to search for a job, in a different location. With no people living their, and only small buildings there left to crumple under themselves, the once thriving town, becomes a ghost town......

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