Thursday, June 9, 2011

3 GOLDENS AND A GATOR is a new, fun, classy pet boutique.............

3 GOLDENS AND A GATOR is a new, fun, classy pet boutique that caters to the casual shopper but also carries the necessities for those who like to dash in and out.
Once inside, you'll find unique treats, all natural foods, gifts, and clothes (for dogs and their owners).
3 GOLDENS AND A GATOR offers unique, high-quality natural foods and treats which include brands:
  • American Natural Premium

  • Bravo

  • California Natural

  • Canidae

  • Evo

  • Fromm

  • GO!Natural

  • Innova

  • Merrick

  • Natural Balance

  • Nature's Variety

  • NOW!Grain Free

  • Orijen

  • Primal

  • Sojos

  • Solid Gold

  • Stella & Chewy's

  • Taste of The Wild

  • Wellness

  • We also offer:
    • Amazing collars and leashes with classy, fun designs
    • Fantastic toys
    • Pet Spa products
    • Stylish apparel for you and your pet
    • Beautiful comfortable beds and so much more!

    About Us

    3 GOLDENS AND A GATOR Pet Boutique is inspired by my 3 Goldens Retrievers and my Dachshund/Yorkie mix.
    These co-founders are named Tahoe, Sota, Madison and Gator.
    I was terrified of dogs most of my life until I got my first dog – a golden retriever who we named Tahoe – then my life completely changed. It is now "all about the dogs," and I wouldn't have it any other way. My husband and I only have four-legged kids and love them to pieces. I wanted to create a fun and vibrant pet boutique that is an enjoyable place to shop with your most cherished family members.
    We just added a new puppy to our family, we named him Harbor. Please come in and meet this handsome boy, he loves everyone and is a sweetheart!!

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